March 26, 2024 – A panel session on the topic “Educational partnership as the basis of a new technological order” as part of the business program of the ATOMEXPO-2024 international forum was held.

Experts in the field of education from Russia, South Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Belarus discussed the formation of a community of companies and educational institutions implementing unique training programs for engineering and technological projects. Rosatom representatives shared their experience in training workers and engineers within the framework of the Federal Project “Professionalism”. They as well introduced a unique model of the AtomSkills professional skills championship and immersive oculography technology to assess expertise in order to ensure zero occupational injuries.

Alexey Ponomarenko, Deputy General Director – Director of the Engineering Competence Department of Rosatom Corporate Academy: “The struggle for talents leads to high costs and reduces the efficiency of technology companies. The existing problems of labor markets are of a general nature and can only be solved through business partnerships with educational organizations. An urgent challenge is to ensure continuous training in colleges and universities with parallel updating of knowledge and skills of current employees. During the meeting we exchanged experiences and outlined the next steps for the joint implementation of educational and scientific and technological projects.”

Rosatom is a multidisciplinary holding company combining assets in the energy, mechanical engineering and construction sectors. Its strategy is to develop low-carbon generation, including wind energy. Rosatom State Corporation is a national leader in electricity power generation (about 20% of total power) and ranks first in the world in terms of implemented NPP construction projects (33 power units in 10 countries).

One of Rosatom’s strategic goals is to become the best at revealing the potential of employees. To achieve this goal, the Rosatom Corporate Academy was established in 2012, which today is a key link in the ecosystem of human resources development and strengthening the corporate culture of the State Corporation. The Corporate Academy’s portfolio includes more than 500 educational programs and projects, and over 4,000 online training events. Among them are the development of leadership and business competencies, management training, corporate functions development, attracting the best graduates and professionals to the industry, assessment of competencies, career counseling, training of workers and engineers, corporate culture development, youth community and security culture.

The ATOMEXPO International Forum is the main event of the global nuclear industry. It is the largest exhibition and business platform where the current state of the nuclear industry is discussed and trends for its further development are being formed. It has been held since 2009.

As part of demonstrating Rosatom’s commitment to the climate agenda, compensation of the carbon footprint of the XIII International Forum ATOMEXPO-2024 will be ensured using special certificates.