Rosatom All-Industry Procurement System

Rosatom’s nuclear unit constructions account for the great amount of orders for equipment and services for engineering, construction and installation companies, and equipment vendors. Annual procurement expenditures of Rosatom’s companies amount to hundreds of billions of rubles. The plan 2016 includes procurements for 770 bln. RUB.
These are the suppliers that the operational reliability of nuclear facilities largely depends on, that is why Rosatom has a clear and transparent procurement system based on six principles: compliance with the laws and basic principles of business organization, high quality standards of the products and cost efficiency, transparence in activities and application of anti-corruption mechanisms.
Rosatom procurement system has several specific features that are described on the site, where orders for goods, works and services in nuclear industry are placed

Rosatom Procurements:

- 380 Rosatom’s companies follow the common rules
- 24 000 suppliers cooperate with Rosatom annually.
Rosatom’s procurements comply with international procurement principles and rules, being based on open competitive procurement process governed by the applicable regulatory standards of the Russian Federation.

Control and Appeal

Rosatom has an efficient control and appeal system comprising the Central Arbitrage Committee and Division Arbitrage Committees. Any procurement participant may file a complaint against the customer or procurement requestor if the participant’s rights are infringed. If a complaint filed, the procurement process is suspended. If the complaint is recognized as reasonable the customer is to remedy any identified breaches.
Any corrupt conduct may be reported by Rosatom’s hotline phone number: 8-800-100-07-07 or by e-mail: The infringers shall be subject to reprimand which may include employment termination and transfer of the case to the law-enforcement authorities.

All interested companies are welcome to participate in Rosatom’s procurements!

ROSA 2018 Annual procurement program - Годовая программа закупок 2018 РЮА pdf, 0.19 MB

ROSA 2019 Annual procurement program - Годовая программа закупок 2019 РЮА pdf, 0.29 MB

ROSA 2020 Annual procurement program - Годовая программа закупок 2020 РЮА pdf, 0.4 MB

ROSA 2021 Annual procurement program - Годовая программа закупок 2021 РЮА pdf, 0.44 MB

ROSA 2022 Annual procurement program - Годовая программа закупок 2022 РЮА pdf, 0.24 MB

ROSA 2023 Annual procurement program - Годовая программа закупок 2023 РЮА pdf, 0.24 MB