Rosatom is a global player on the nuclear market

  • The largest case of foreign projects in the world (40 power units in 13 countries, including Russia);
  • No 1 for uranium enrichment in the world (36% of the world market);
  • No 1 for power units construction portfolio abroad - 36 units in 12 countries;
  • No 2 for uranium reserves and No 2 for uranium mining in the world;
  • The most powerful fast neutron reactor BN-800 operated at Beloyarsk NPP;
  • The first world Gen 3+ VVER-1200 reactor operated at Novovoronezh NPP;
  • 17% of the global nuclear fuel market;
  • 36 power units are operated at 10 NPPs in Russia and 4 more under construction;
  • The only one nuclear icebreaker fleet in the world.