On July 6, 15 Bangladeshi graduates from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) received their BA diplomas. The ceremony took place at the Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering.

The graduates in field of nuclear power and thermophysics were: Amin Al; Amin MD Tanvirul; Bin Azad Md Abid Hasan; Kabir Md Saif; Keya Tamanna Islam; Mistry Sujit Kumar; Newaz Md Asif; Omar Salauddin; Sadhukhan Ramit Kumar; Siddique MD Abu Bakar; Tarequzzaman Md; Uddin Md Misbah; Fahim Saiyed Tasnim Md; Hossain Zakir; Hridoy Md Rezouanul Kabir and Shikhon Md Waliur Rahman. Among the guests were representatives of Rosatom, professors and students of MEPhI, as well as representatives of the university from the Bangladeshi side.

After the official graduation ceremony, Ambassador Kamrul Ahsan opened the congratulatory part of the event, wishing young professionals success and noting the high importance of the Rooppur NPP project in the development of Bangladesh.

Training young specialists from Bangladesh in the field of nuclear energy will encourage the creation of innovative sectors in the country’s economy. It is capable of improving the quality of education, creating new highly-paid jobs and the emergence of new specialists. 

The PRB delegation expressed many wishes and words of support to the graduates. For instance, Dr. Moinul Islam Titash, Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Technology, has noted that the young people are fulfilling the dream of the founding father of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, that was to build a strong developed State. According to Dr. Satyajit Gush, Department Director at the Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh, Rusatom Service, JSC plays a significant role in helping ensure an adequate level of nuclear infrastructure in the country, including through human resource development.

Yulia Chernyakhovskaya, as a representative of Rusatom Service, JSC, briefly spoke about the opportunities for graduates in her homeland, having mentioned the large number of stakeholders and their staffing needs: 

“Nuclear industry organizations and agencies have been created and are actively developing in Bangladesh. Today, we have here the key participants in the Bangladesh nuclear program implementation which will support you in your professional growth.” At the end of her speech, the Deputy Director General offered parting words to young nuclear industry professionals, having reminded that “those who actively work and make professional efforts, investing their talents and knowledge, will always have a support.”

MEPhI holds first graduation ceremony for students from Bangladesh
MEPhI holds first graduation ceremony for students from Bangladesh