In the end of October, the branch of RFNC-VNIIEF – NIIIS named after Y. Sedakov passed the acceptance inspection of equipment for the Upper Unit Level System (UULS) and Upper Plant Level System (UPLS) of the Instrumentation and Control (I&C) system for Rooppur NPP Unit 1 (Bangladesh).

The acceptance committee included representatives of RASU JSC (overall I&C supplier) and VPO ZAES (the company authorized to supervise over the production of equipment important to safety of the plant).

“Due to the complicated global pandemic situation, RASU JSC had to complete the equipment testing at the company’s test site two months earlier in order to comply with the project time schedule. The well-coordinated work of all project participants allowed us to complete the system tests in the shortest time possible – in four months instead of six. We had to work almost every day, even on weekends”, said Ilya Litvinov, Project Manager, RASU JSC.

The equipment is now fully ready for shipment to the Customer to Rooppur NPP site in Bangladesh.

For information:

Instrumentation and control (I&C) system is an integrated software and hardware solution ensuring the monitoring and control of the whole process chain and its individual parts. I&C has three levels of equipment (lower, medium and upper) for the whole range of process control functions. The lower level includes sensors which send signals on the state of the controlled equipment to the medium level (industrial logic controllers) for processing. Based on the signals received from sensors and using dedicated software, controllers ensure control of actuators, acquire and store data on the system parameters which are sent to the upper level (to the main control room that centralizes the processed data flows, provides NPP operators with information on the state of the power unit, and ensures the power generation monitoring).

Preliminary off-line tests are aimed at verifying the compliance of equipment characteristics with the requirements specification (interfaces between items of equipment, communication speed, archive integrity, etc.). In addition, Portal SW developed by RASU JSC is installed during this test phase.

Acceptance inspection are the final step of product assessment for compliance with the project requirements. They include the check for completeness of the scope of equipment and supporting documents, visual inspection and measurements, and inspection of transport packaging.

Rusatom Automated Control Systems JSC is part of Rosatom State Corporation. The company is the single integrator of I&C, Electrical Engineering and Nuclear Instrumentation businesses. It accumulates the long-term experience of Rosatom’s enterprises in development of automated control systems and comprehensive electrical engineering solutions. RASU performs the full scope of activities, from engineering and design to delivery and commissioning of I&C systems and electrical equipment, both in Russia and abroad.