On October 15, 2022, a range of educational events aimed at enhancement of safety culture in the area of Rooppur NPP construction started in Ishwardi (People’s Republic of Bangladesh). An event in Manik Nagar school was timed to the Global Handwashing Day, which is celebrated annually on October 15, starting from 2008. The main objective was to show how simple handwashing with water and soap helps to fight efficiently against multiple diseases.

The event named “Handwashing is Your Super Power” was arranged by ROSATOM’s Engineering Division (the general designer and general contractor for Rooppur NPP construction in Bangladesh), Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) and Public Counseling Office for Atomic Energy. 535 pupils from 5 schools of Ishwardi took part in the event.

Before the event, students of Manik Nagar school organized a cultural program. The girls presented dances and songs traditional for Bangladesh, and recited poems. Russian participants also joined a lively dancing.

Nina Dementsova, Head of ASE JSC Communications Division, and Ashraful Islam, Director of Rooppur NPP construction site, addressed the schoolchildren with welcome speeches. In his speech, Ashraful Islam spoke of Rooppur NPP safety systems and noted that he “has never seen before such an interesting and large-scale safety culture event for kids”. “I was especially impressed with the common dance, the children were very happy. It looked more like a dance of Russia and Bangladesh. These children are the future of our country and the message of safety culture importance will be disseminated through them among all residents of our city”, he said.

Nina Dementsova pointed out the significance of simple handwashing for human life and health. “We all know that following the personal hygiene rules is very important for human life as a great number of diseases can be transmitted with filthy hands. Therefore, one should teach hygiene to their children since early age”, she noted.

In his turn, Dr. Muhammad Hasanuzzaman, the doctor from Upazila Lalpur medical complex, delivered a training in the importance of disease prevention and demonstrated the correct technique of handwashing with soap. After that all school students washed their hands correctly and with pleasure in wash basins specially prepared in advance.

Upon completion of the event, the children received reminders with simple, clear and illustrative examples of how to follow personal hygiene rules.
Events timed to the Global Handwashing Day celebration will take place within two weeks. There will be interesting tours for schoolchildren to Square Toiletries plant in Pabna, producing hygiene items, as well as activities for low-income families from the Rooppur NPP construction area.
Source: Communications Division of ROSATOM’s Engineering Division
Bangladesh schoolchildren joined the celebration of Global Handwashing Day
Bangladesh schoolchildren joined the celebration of Global Handwashing Day