Twelve students from India participated in the "Russian Winter" program in Russia within "International Smart Holidays" brought by Rosatom. The trip was organized by Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, technical consultant and main equipment supplier for the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu, India as a part of the programme “Smart Holidays with the Rosatom School”. 

The camp was held from January 3 to 11 in the Ural region, located on the border between Europe and Asia. Within 9 days the children were able to reviel , their abilities and talents, feelings, and ideas about the future, to open themselves to the new environment, impressions, friends, Russian winter, and to experience Russian hospitality and tradition along with winter sports and fun experience like sleigh rides, making snowman, snowball fight and other winter fun.

“Rosatom is excited by the prospect of powering the youth through these innovative camps, which allow young people to meet new friends from across the globe and unlock their creative potential”, said Andrey Shevlyakov, CEO of Rosatom South Asia. “Students from India, Egypt, Ghana, Russia, Turkey, not only live together but learn to understand each other and work together, by truly overcoming language and cultural boundaries.”

Children from all over India were selected based on the competition, jointly held with Techfest IIT Bombay and Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). More than 4.5 lakh students across 24000 schools from 8th to 10th grade participated in the challenge.

During the camp, students also visited various science museums in Moscow and took part in various group projects in education, art and sports. Activities included swimming, ice skating, skiing and sledging. 

Testimonials from children:

Pratham Sahu (Karnataka)

The winter camp organised by Rosatom was a wonderful experience which cultured international friendship among the delegates. It was an amazing and wonderful camp that was fun as well as educational.

Sarthak Pattnaik (West Bengal)

I loved all the time that I spent during the winter camp. The various performances which my delegation and I gave, was a huge boost of confidence and I forgot my stage fear. During this time, I also learnt many new Russian games and I enjoyed them all. I wish that I could return back to Rosatom winter camp next year.

Ayush Agarwal (Rajasthan)

Thank you Techfest and Rosatom for organising such an amazing camp. It was one of the best experiences of my life. All the people there, especially the coordinators were lovely & it was wonderful to meet them. The activities did bring out the best in me & made me more expressive. Overall the management was just perfect.

Advait Iyer (Tamil Nadu)

This international smart holidays organised by Rosatom at solnyshko was easily the best experience of my life and I now feel like I am a more social person. The experiences we had in the snow was a new one for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The camp was well organised and managed, food was decent. The friends I made here will last in my memory forever.

Tanish Singh Khurana (Bangalore)

The International smart holidays organised in solnyshko were amazing. I enjoyed my experience very much, I also made many friends from other countries with Zambia and Egypt. The food was decent otherwise I spent the best time of my life in these 5 days. I really thank Rosatom team for all the support and their caring attitude. Thank you very much.

Bibhudatta Bhanja (Mumbai)

First of all, I would like to congratulate Rosatom for the smooth and successful conduct of International Smart Holidays. It was a wonderful initiative that brought children from 5 different nations together and also ensured cultural exchange. During the duration of the camp I made many friends and memories that I can never forget during my entire lifetime. Since now the camp is over, I am left with emotions that I can cherish throughout my life. Thank you Rosatom and Techfest for giving me this opportunity.

Aishani Tewari (Bangalore)

Solnyshko, literally meaning small sun was a source of constant sunshine and laughter for us Indians during the seven days we spent here. The most amazing fact about the camp was the warm friendship and laughter received from our foreign friends in the cold snow of Russia, truly a memorable and unforgettable culture filled experience.