The Nuclear Power Production and Development Company of Iran (NPPD) has obtained a license to operate Unit 1 of the Bushehr nuclear power plant from the Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority (INRA).

According to the contract for the completion of Unit 1 at the Bushehr NPP, the Final Acceptance Protocol comes into force simultaneously with the issuance of the operating license for Unit 1 at the Bushehr NPP.

Vladimir Pavlov, Vice-president of construction in the Middle East and Central Asia of ASE Group, said  that the safety and security of the operation of Iran’s first nuclear power plant, a unique construction object that has no equivalent in the history of nuclear energy, has been confirmed.  Currently, Iran’s first nuclear power unit is operating at 100% capacity. The unit is operated by Iranian experts with the participation of Russian specialists, assisting Iran's operational management (BNPP) in the operation of the NPP.

One of the largest and most complex objects of international cooperation between the two countries has been completed. This success was achieved due to the professionalism and dedication of Russian and Iranian specialists, who worked on the implementation of the construction project of the first Iranian nuclear power plant. “The final acceptance of Unit 1 of the Bushehr NPP while being a testament to the broad scope of mutual opportunities for Russian-Iranian cooperation, paves the way for further cooperation between our countries in the field of nuclear energy”, Vladimir Pavlov stressed.
Source: Press Service of ASE Group of Companies