3 – 5 May 2022 representatives of the Indian corporation Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and JSC "TENEX" visited the Kalinin NPP.

The purpose of the visit was to demonstrate the Indian customer process management of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) after its removal from the reactor core during the overhaul at Unit No.2. 

"This visit was organized together with the block of business development of Rosenergoatom in support at the final stage of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) to foreign nuclear power plants, in order to familiarize NPCIL representative with practical experience of Russian nuclear industry for handling the transport of the packaging (TUK) the export of spent fuel assemblies (SFA) with cooling pond of NPP to the processing plant. The visit is part of the JSC "TENEX" project on cooperation in the sphere of safe management of spent nuclear fuel for the Kudankulam NPP - commented the Deputy Director General of Tenex Artemov Elena.

Under the management of the deputy chief of department centralized repair Kalinin Maxim Milyaeva it was demonstrated process from receipt of the empty container, placing it in the pool soaking the reactor building, the fuel loading in TUK using a console machine overload, until the final stage of their loading onto the transport platform.

"For us it is very important the experience of Russian colleagues, because in the future at the Kudankulam NPP we will conduct similar operations. We were impressed by a high level of skill and speed of the work of specialists of Kalinin NPP. I got a lot of new information that will provide the safe management of spent nuclear fuel at the initial stage of backend, "- said a senior executive engineer of the Indian corporation NPCIL Mr. Vinod Tiwari. - Kalinin NPP under the leadership of the plant manager Victor Ignatov has a status as one of the safest nuclear power stations, and I made sure of that."

For reference:

JSC "TENEX" is a head organization of Division "Sales and Trading" State Corporation "Rosatom" (TENEX group of companies). JSC "TENEX" is one of the leading global suppliers of nuclear fuel cycle products (NFC).

The Kudankulam NPP is a nuclear power plant with a PWR-1000, located in the south of India, in Tamil Nadu. It’s built as part of the Intergovernmental agreement signed in November 1988, and the amendments thereto of 21 June 1998. Technical customer and developer is India's Nuclear Power Corporation (NPCIL). As part of the NPP there are two existing PWR-1000 and four are under construction.
Source: Communication Department JSC "TENEX"
The Kalinin NPP shared experience of treatment of spent nuclear fuel with the Indian NPCIL Corporation
The Kalinin NPP shared experience of treatment of spent nuclear fuel with the Indian NPCIL Corporation