On July 25-27, Chennai (India) hosts the Festival of Russian Animated Cinema, arranged by Atomstroyexport Engineering Company in partnership with the creative group of international TV channels for the children and youth “Carrousel” and “Mult”.

The Festival is aimed at promotion of and assistance in creation of qualitative animated films showing the images of the kindness and beauty, ideas of friendship, preservation of the ecology, proliferation of the idea of peace and mutual understanding between the peoples of India and Russia.  

For the festival, the organizers developed a special program with account of the age and specifics of the auditorium in India – the most qualitative, the most top-rated and, undoubtedly, the most kind and charming animated cartoons and animated serials of Russian production. 

Besides traditional watching in the cinema hall, animated show with participation of life-size puppets-characters, exiting games and guessing games, the organizers of the festival made sure that the guests can get acquainted with the heroes of the animated cartoons by means of the state-of-the-art technologies – electronic computer games and 3D programs. 

Within the framework of the festival shows, the Indian viewers will get acquainted with popular Russian animated cartoons which have already gained the world recognition and were translated into 10 languages: the Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, German, French, Portuguese, Arabian and Hindi. The organizers are sure that the Indian people will like the heroes of the animated cartoons Be-be-bears, Paper Tales, Rolando Locomotov, Magic Lantern, Leo & Tig, Fantasy Patrol, loved by Russian and significant part of foreign children and adults audience.

As pointed out by the Head of Communication Division of JSC ASE EC Nina Dementsova: “An animated cartoon is famous genre of all children, which is clear and fascinating. The language of animation is clear to all age categories, various nations and peoples and allows to vividly and emotionally deliver the ideas, which are affined to the Russian people, to maximally wide range of the public. For that very reason we selected the animation genre for implementation of a new project which may be recognized as unique in many aspects. Jointly with the children TV channel “Carrousel” the Communication Division of JSC ASE EC started the work for creation of an animated cartoon telling about the safest source of energy on the planet – a peaceful atom. The concept, scenario and main characters of the future film are being developed specially for the Indian audience with account of the specifics and abundance of traditions, history and culture of India. I’m sure that the cartoon will be very interesting, educational and 

According to Tatiana Tsyvareva, chief editor of the children and youth channel “Carrousel”:  “The festival of the animated cinema will open new opportunities for the Indian viewer for familiarization with the best modern Russian child animated cinema, and it means that Russia will become closer, clearer and, I hope, more favorite for the Indians. I do not doubt that implementation of such projects as the Festival of Science and the Festival of Russian Animation, other humanitarian initiatives arranged by ASE Group of Companies will become a tradition, cause great interest and allow making an important step in further strengthening of mutual trust and friendship between the peoples of India and Russia”. 

For reference:

Kudankulam NPP

Within the framework of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of India on cooperation in construction of additional power units of the nuclear power plant at the Kudankulam site, as well as in construction of nuclear power plants under Russian designs at new sites in the Republic of India dd. December 5, 2008, the sides  started implementation of the project on construction of power units No. 3 and No. 4 of Kudankulam NPP with reactor plants VVER-1000 MW each.

In July 2012, there was signed the Protocol to the Agreement on conditions for extension of the Russian state credit for construction of units 3 and 4 of Kudankulam NPP. 

In March 2013, the government organizations of India approved implementation of the Project (construction of Units No. 3 and No. 4). On 10.04.2014, there was signed the GFA for construction of Units 3 and 4 of Kudankulam NPP.                    

On June 29, 2017, there was held the ceremony of the concrete pouring into the reactor compartment building foundation slab of Kudankulam NPP third power unit, which marks the beginning of construction works at the NPP second phase construction site.

The basis for construction of Kudankulam NPP is JSC Atomenergoproekt design with power units VVER-1000 MW, which fully satisfies the requirements of up-to-date regulatory and technical documents of Russia, IAEA and is certified for compliance with European Utilities Requirements (EUR).

Kudankulam NPP is being constructed in Tamil Nadu state of India within the framework of Russian and Indian agreement dd. November 20, 1988 and the supplement thereto dd. June 21, 1998, as well as agreement dd. December 08, 2008.

The general contractor (in part of engineering, supply of the equipment and technical assistance) is JSC Atomstroyexport. The general designer is JSC Atomenergoproekt. The Customer is the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL).                                             
Russian Animation

In 2017, the Russian school of animated cartoons celebrates 105-yaer jubilee. Since that time the Russian school of animated cartoons has gained strong stand in the world animation art, the school is famous for the work of distinguished masters in the past and at the present time, their works are included in the gold fund of the world animated cartoons and continue to bring joy to the children and the adults. Modern Russian animated cartoons bring to new pictures the same kindness, sincerity, humor, friendliness, mutual help and honesty as the soviet animated cartoons loved by many generations, the variety of styles and directions in the unified Russian animation school impresses the viewers and professional critics and cinema experts.

In 2016, two Russian animated series Be-be-bears and Fantasy Patrol were included in the number of the most demanded TV projects in the world for the children by results of screenings of the TV market MIPJunior (Cannes, France). In 2017, at the 22-nd Russian Open Festival of Animated Cinema in the town of Suzdal, the animated series Leo & Tig won in the nomination “Animated series with the major international potential”, which is granted by Reed Midem company — the organizer of international TV cinema markets MIP Junior, MIP TV, MIPCOM, etc. 

The episodes of the popular Russian animated series Masha & the Bear, Masha and Kasha are included in the top-10 most popular video clips on YouTube. By the present time it has already gathered more than two billion viewings; approximately three million people watch it in the internet in various languages every day. The users of internet resources are not stingy in their good opinions relative to the Russian animated cartoons: “The irony, reminiscences from the childhood and classical fairy story – these are the components of the guaranteed success”. “It’s an examined recipe, and it still works”, “A wonderful present for the viewer of any age”. “It’s a travel to the childhood, inculcation of national valuables and it’s simply a good job”.

Regarding the speakers:

Tatiana Tsyvareva – the chief editor of the children and youth channel “Carrousel”, the general producer of TV channel “Mult”, the head of VGTRK children and youth program studio;

Alla Kurganova – the director for marketing of entertainment channels of the Central Television (the children and youth channel “Carrousel”, TV channel “Mult”);

Sergey Shitov – the general director of the BCBG STUDIOS television company;

Kirill Nikitin – the animator, the moderator of the program “Merry Farmer”, TV channel “Carousel”.


АSE Group of Companies was established within the framework of formation of Rosatom State Corporation engineering division by uniting the leading companies of the industry: JSC ASE EC, JSC ASE, JSC Atomenergoproekt and JSC ATOMPROEKT. 

ASE Group of Companies is one of the world leaders in nuclear power engineering business and holds over 30% of the global NPP construction market. Representative offices, branch offices and operational offices of ASE Group of Companies operate in the territories of 15 countries, with almost 80% of ASE Group of Companies portfolio coming from projects abroad.  

ASE Group of Companies implements project for designing and construction of high power capacity NPPs, nuclear research and research reactor centers, facilities for RAW and SNF management, thermal power plants, as well as renders a full range of EPC, EPC(M) and PMC services for any complex engineering facilities.  

ASE Group of Companies is a developer and actively introduces the innovative project management system for construction of complex engineering facilities – Multi-D which enables to more effectively manage such parameters as the budget, deadlines and quality. 

The president of ASE Group of Companies is Valery I. Limarenko, PhD in economics.   

For more information, please visit the web-sites of ASE Group of Companies: www.niaep.ru ; www.atomstroyexport.ru ; www.aep.ru ; www.atomproekt.com