On the night of September 21 to 22, the BBC Elbe left the port of St. Peterbreug with shipload No 19.

The vessel took aboard about 4780 m3 of cargo including spent fuel pool racks for Unit No 3, foundation frames with anchor bolts for turbine of Unit No 4, auxiliary equipment for turbine for Unit No 3, air duct of the reactor shaft equipment, fastening elements of the reactor coolant pump, hydroaccumulator of emergency core cooling system, shock absorber of the container section for Unit No 4, penetrations and tanks for both Units.

The BBC Elbe is heading for the port of Hamburg to take four transformers (two for each unit) for Kudankulam Units 3 and 4 manufactured under the contract for equipment supply from third countries, after which the vessel will set course for India.

“This is the second shipload in September. Together with our Indian colleagues, we are supplying equipment required at the NPP site, making up for lagging behind during the COVID-19 restrictions”, said Mikhail Novikov, deputy director for Kudankulam NPP equipment procurement.

Arrival of equipment in the Indian port is expected in the second half of October 2020.

For reference:
Power units No 3,4 and 5,6 are the second and the third stages of Kudankulam NPP constructed under AES-92 design with VVER-1000 (V-412) reactor type. The technical solutions implemented in Kudankulam design characterize further evolutionary development VVER-reactor NPPs of high power and transition to creation of a new, reliable, safe and feasible power unit. New power units of Kudankulam NPP comply with the most up-to-date safety requirements of the IAEA.

The developer — the technical customer of the facility — is Nuclear Power Corporation of India. The general designer and supplier of equipment is ASE EC JSC.

Currently, power units No. 1, 2 of Kudandulam NPP are operating at the capacity established by the operation schedule.
The BBC Elbe vessel has departed with cargo for Kudankulam NPP
The BBC Elbe vessel has departed with cargo for Kudankulam NPP