The hot functional test of the reactor unit, one of the most important large-scale stages of the pre-commissioning prorgam, was successfully completed at Unit 1 of the Belarusian NPP (the general designer and general contractor is the Engineering Division of Rosatom).

The most complicated hot test process was started on 11 December 2019. During the entire period, the specialists conducted 242 various tests with the main purpose of confirming the compliance of the nuclear island systems and equipment with the design specifications when operated at rated parameters, as well as during the reactor heat-up and cooldown, before the unit start up.

The hot functional test at rated parameters (primary circuit pressure: 160 kg/cm2, temperature: 280°С) included the test of the operational availability of all four main circulation pumps, the main steam pipelines blowdown with their own steam, the test of the operational availability of the reactor control and safety as well as of the auxiliary power supply systems. The testing of the steam generators main safety valves, of the pressurizer and many other systems were completed.

“We have successfully completed the hot functional testing, performed all the necessary tests at the reactor rated parameters, as well as during the reactor heat-up and cooldown. The tests proved all the equipment and technological systems of the unit included in the test program to meet the design specifications,” - said Vitaliy Polyanin, Vice President at ASE EC JSC, Director of the Belarusian NPP Construction Project. “Some tests will be repeated at the start-up stage. In accordance with the first criticality preparation program, the next stage includes the inspection of the main and auxiliary equipment of the first and second circuits of the power unit, which is scheduled to be completed in mid-June."

The Belarusian NPP with two VVER-1200 with the total capacity of 2400 MW is being constructed in Ostrovets (the Republic of Belarus). The first NPP in Belarus is based on the Russian Gen 3+ design, which fully complies with the international standards and safety recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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Background: Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division was established by integration of the leading companies of the industry: ASE EC JSC (Nizhny Novgorod), Atomstroyexport JSC (Moscow), Atomenergoproekt JSC (Moscow) and ATOMPROEKT JSC (Saint-Petersburg).

ASE is one of the global leaders in nuclear power engineering holding about 30% of the global NPP construction market. The Engineering Division operates in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the Pacific region.

Foreign projects account for about 80% of the portfolio.

ASE implements design and construction projects for high-power NPPs, it renders a full range of EPC, EPC(M) services and develops Multi-D technologies for management of complex engineering facilities.

The Engineering Division draws on the lessons learned from over the 50-year history of the nuclear power industry in Russia and state-of-the-art technologies.

We construct reliable and safe NPPs with 3+Gen VVER reactors that are in line with all international requirements and recommendations.