31 May 2016 in Moscow on the sidelines of ATOMEXPO 2016, VIII International Forum, Private institution of Atomic Energy Power Corporation “Rusatom International Network” and Moser Architekten Ziviltechniker, signed a Memorandum of understanding. The document was signed by Mr. Alexander Merten, President of Private institution RAIN, from the Russian side, and Mr. Josef Moser, Senior Partner at Moser Architekten Ziviltechniker, from the Austrian side.

According to the Memorandum, the Parties are planning to start their cooperation in design, construction and management within the projects of nuclear medicine centers. The Memorandum emphasizes the interest of the Parties in their bilateral cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy in such areas as design, construction and operation of the infrastructure for such areas as nuclear medicine and radiation safety, including environment impact assessment.

The reached agreements provide the basis for the improvement of ROSATOM companies' competence in the nuclear medicine.

Source: Communications Department of Rusatom International Network