Representatives of ROSATOM’s subsidiaries took part in the European nuclear power conference organized by Platts international information agency and held in London on 18-19 May, 2016. The representatives of the world leading nuclear companies, such as EDF, GE Hitachi, Vattenfall, Areva, Engie, Fennovoima, and others attended the conference. This year the attention of the conference participants was focused on the analysis of the future role of the nuclear power and on the preparation of the ground for the nuclear power development in Europe.

Michael Maltsev from ASE group pointed out the particularities of NPP Novovoronezh VVER-1200, a new innovative Gen 3+ power unit, whose minimum controllable power level was achieved in May, 2016. М. Maltsev spoke about the safety systems of the new unit in details. Atomstroyexport representative gave a thorough description of the unique combination of the active and passive safety systems. He mentioned the structural features of Gen III+ reactors, and ROSATOM’s achievements in introducing these features.  He separately talked about the core catcher that was first installed at Russian-design NPP Tianwan in China built in 2007. The second part of his speech was centered on the Multi-D system intended for the management of large facility construction projects. This system is equally efficient for nuclear and non-civil facilities.

On the second conference day, Alexander Boytsov, Resources Development Director at Uranium One Group, presented his report at the panel discussion about the current challenges in the world uranium industry. ‘Responding to the time challenges and to ensure the long-term raw material supply corresponding to the demand of the nuclear fuel cycle facilities for uranium, ROSATOM acquired Uranium One, a Canadian company, in 2010 and consolidated highly efficient assets in the key world uranium regions on the basis of this company,’ noted the speaker.  ‘The weighted innovative technical policy that is being implemented in combination with Kazakhstan’s deposits that are unique by their geological and technological properties provide for an important competitive advantage of Uranium One that is the lowest mining cost as compared to the one of the competitors,’ he added.
Source: Press Service of Rosatom International Network