In April Russian NPPs (branches of Rosenergoatom Concern JSC) produced 16.018 billion kWh of electricity (against 14.715 billion kWh for the similar period of 2016). Thus, nuclear power plants have increased cumulative electricity production by 8.85%.
The capacity factor has been 88.9% since the beginning of 2017.
Total electricity production of all Russian NPPs commencing 2017 is over 72.47 billion kWh (as of 04.05.2017). The balance of FAS was exceeded by 2.23 billion kWh.
To remind, in 2016 Russian NPPs set a record of electricity generation by increasing the total production by more than a billion kWh, i.e. up to 196.367 billion kWh (against 195.214 billion kWh in the previous year). The electricity production plan for Russian NPPs for 2017 was approved by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) at 199.8 billion kWh.

For information:
Rosenergoatom incorporates all 10 nuclear power plants of Russia which are branches of Rosenergoatom, as well as companies which provide for Rosenergoatom’s activities. A total of ten nuclear power plants of Russia operate 35 nuclear power units: 18 VVER units (of them 12 - VVER-1000, one – VVER-1200 and 5 VVER-440 of different modifications); 15 channel-type reactors (11 RBMK-1000s and 4 EGP-6 units); 2 units with sodium-cooled fast neutron reactors (BN-600 and BN-800) with a total installed capacity of 27.9 GW. Presently, Russian NPPs produce about 18.3% of the country’s electricity.