Equipment for Kudankulam NPP manufactured by European suppliers of JSC ASE was loaded on the Industrial Ruby marine vessel in the port of Hamburg and was shipped to India.

The Industrial Ruby ship carrying the 24th batch of equipment left the port of St. Petersburg on March 16, 2021 and visited the port of Hamburg on its way to India. The closure of European borders due to the pandemic complicated the equipment acceptance, however, a solution was found jointly with the Indian customer and the European suppliers. As a result, the accepted equipment was shipped to Kudankulam NPP site.

As a rule, equipment for Kudankulam NPP from European countries is shipped in containers. This lot comprising equipment manufactured in Hungary, Check Republic, Slovakia and other European suppliers, is uncontainerized. The equipment includes pumps, ventilation and pipe valves.

“This equipment lot includes the production prototype of reactor coolant pump of the new type manufactured by Ganz EMM Ltd. (Hungary), a company that belongs to JSC Atomenergomash management scope, the machine building division of Rosatom State Corporation. “In the history of NPP construction, it is the first reactor coolant pump manufactured under the Russian design with prevailing application of duplex and super duplex steels that are especially resistant to corrosive impact of tropical sea water”, said Alexander Kvasha, Deputy Director for Projects in India - Technical Director of JSC ASE. “It is unique due to special design parameters intended for operation in the tropical marine climate”.

The vessel left Hamburg on March 22. Arrival of equipment in the Indian port is expected in the second decade of April 2021.
European batch of equipment shipped to Kudankulam NPP
European batch of equipment shipped to Kudankulam NPP