The case of the core melt localization device or the so-called core catcher has been installed in the design position under the reactor pit of power unit No.4 of Kudankulam NPP which is under construction in India under VVER-1000 Russian design.

“The installation of the core catcher in the design position is an important step of the NPP construction, - said Vadim Khlivenko, Deputy Director for Projects in India, Head of Construction Division at Kudankulam NPP Construction Site. – It is a unique system of NPP protection and the first large-size equipment item that is installed in the reactor building.  Currently core catchers are installed at all the NPPs constructed under Russian designs”.  

Core melt localization device is unique equipment developed by Russian nuclear experts, it is one of the most important NPP safety systems. The case of the device weighs over 160 tons. A heavy-duty crane was used for its installation.  

The core catcher for Unit 4 was shipped to Kudankulam NPP on the ZEA FOCUS marine vessel in December 2019.

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Source: Communications Division Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division