Third international Rosatom Knowledge Management Forum "Integrated KM solutions for R&D, Engineering and Operations Societies" will take place 13-15 April 2016 in Moscow, Russia.

RKM Forum started in 2012 as a platform for open expert discussion among high-tech companies developing and implementing knowledge management solutions. RKM 2012 was held in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and attracted expert from over 250 international companies and organizations. RKM 2014 was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation. Discussion addressed the government policy in the area of IP management and the questions of attracting investments using IP.

As a result of two Forums extensive exchange of KM practices was held, KM tools were discussed and working contacts have been established among companies and expert communities.

The objective of the RKM 2016 is to foster interdisciplinary worldwide dialogue on the state of the art KM solutions and future agenda of integrating KM tools into R&D, engineering and operations domains due to rapid advances in technology.

Building on the success of previous global forums, RKM 2016 is expected to attract scientists, engineers, operators of complex technical facilities, as well as developers of KM solutions for wide range of applications, technical universities and corporate academies of high-tech companies.

The Forum will bring together government institutions, international organizations, venture funds, high-tech corporations, R&D centers, engineering companies and design centers, construction companies and suppliers, operating organizations, companies working in decommissioning, law firms and patent attorneys, IT developers, consulting firms and educational organizations specializing in competence building.

Forum will have plenary and panel discussion, workshops and master session covering the following topics: Integrated Knowledge Management Solutions to Support Technology Transfer; Integrated Knowledge Management Solutions to Facilitate Technology Development; Integrated Knowledge Management Solutions to Support Value Chain Creation; Integrated Knowledge Management Solution for Knowledge Corporation; Competencies model in knowledge management.

The Forum aims to conclude with online database of KM practices and technologies created by speakers and workshop participants, expert network of developers and users of KM technologies, new joint technical and research projects to develop integrated knowledge management solutions over technological facilities life-cycle and targeted thematic publications and journal papers.

RKM working languages are English and Russian. RKM will take place in Moscow at ASE-NIIAP premises on Dmitrovskoe sh. 2. Applications for presentations deadline - February 14, 2016. Registration deadline - April 1, 2016. Registration and visa support is provided by RKM operator Rosatom Corporate Academy (Email:, phone: +7 (499) 922-42-48, ext.  2134).