Vice President – Alexey Pimenov
Alexey Pimenov joined ROSATOM as Regional Vice-President of South Asia with the aim of developing and supporting the business activities of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation in the region.

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Vijay Joshi – Head of Business Development
Vijay Joshi joined ROSATOM with the task to strengthen the presence of the corporation on the local market and to combine our efforts and increase the efficiency of the operations of Russian nuclear industry in South Asia.

Abhineet Raj.jpg

Marketing Analyst – Abhineet Raj
Abhineet Raj joined ROSATOM with the task to collect and interpret data,
formulate reports,making recommendations based on research findings.He is trained in International affairs and has worked with global companies at various locations.He holds Master degree in International affairs from Korea University,Seoul and was Posco Asia Fellow for two years.

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Press Secretary – Alexander Antipin
Alexander Antipin joined Rosatom South Asia as Press Secretary with the task of promoting the Rosatom brand as well as driving public awareness of nuclear in the region. After graduation from Faculty of Journalism of Lomonosov Moscow State University he had been working in India for almost five years as a journalist of a leading Russian state-run news agency.